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16/10/2007 @ 21:44 | Anime | Rukawa

Quelques secrets sur Gurren Lagann... et ...

Gurren Lagann

La gainax avait promis des infos supplémentaires dans une conférence cette semaine et bien voilà

Too much info? At Gainax’s wrap party for Gurren Lagann, apparently the following nuggets were dropped: Viral is a shark/cat hybrid. Leeron has had plastic surgery. Adiane played volleyball with Nia. Nia is Lord Genome’s biological daughter. Simon and Nia had seven days between defeating the anti-spiral and the wedding, and they aren’t virgins. Did I need to know any of these bits of information? No. At least they didn’t reveal Kittan’s drinking problem or that Boota has rabies or what really happened before the wedding. But, one thing that was interesting: they are planning a related series in two years. The whole transcript should be out soon in a normal (read: not 2ch) publication.

source je veux bien une serie d'OVA avec gros budget kikitoudur d'un combat final avec le Simon adulte du 1er épisode. sinon concernant les choses moins intérressante mais non négligeables, Viral a des gênes de requins, Nia & Simon n'étaient pas vierges (bouh, quel mauvais exemple pour notre jeunesse) etc...

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