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08/09/2007 @ 17:58 | Anime | manuloz

Stranger - Mukoh Hadan Preview de 5 minutes

La preview est désormais disponible à travers ces deux sites de streaming video : Youtube/Dailymotion  (merci à Duckroll) Je vous propose également de découvrir quelques infos sur les animateurs en charge de cette séquence d'ouverture.

Here are the genga credits: 伊藤秀次 (Yoshiyuki Ito), 佐藤雅弘 (Masahiro Satou), 児山昌弘 (Masahiro Koyama), 富岡隆司 (Takashi Tomioka), 水畑健二 (Kenji Mizuhata), 中村豊 (Yutaka Nakamura). Since this is the opening for the movie, it could be that these are the six main keyframers. We already know that Nakamura is doing the climax. It could also be that these are simply the 6 that worked on the opening piece, and the full genga credits will be in the ending credits. The word from the signing event in August is that Norio Matsumoto is also working on keyframes in the movie, and he's not listed here so.......

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