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31/08/2007 @ 21:40 | Anime | manuloz

Tokyo Marble Chocolate

Tokyo Marble Chocolate Le site anglais de production IG vient d'ouvrir une section consacrée à Tokyo Marble à cette adresse : Trouvé sur le site officiel japonais les visuels des personnages : Synopsis :

Serious and generous, but a bit shy, Yudai has been unsuccessful with the opposite gender. Chizuru is an energetic and cheerful girl, but when it comes to boyfriends, she's been unlucky and clumsy, and never had a steady relationship. This is the first Christmas the couple spends together. Chizuru loves animals and Yudai plans to give her a rabbit in a box, but it turns out to be... a mini donkey?! As the funny creature escapes, Chizuru goes after it, and Yudai loses sight of them both! The time that should have been spent together... The important feeling that should have been revealed... Small, but precious things that tend to be buried in every day life. What answer will the two youngsters find while separated from each other? Yudai and Chizuru - their feelings and the time they spent far from each other are delicately unfolded in this double-sided pure love story told from two different perspectives!

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